For those who work at ProtoCall Services, being part of a team is critical to our success. We share knowledge, collaborate on challenges, and turn to each other for support. Our team is focused on doing the best work for our customers and callers, and we really enjoy the people we work with. This teamwork is brought into sharp relief when we travel to conferences, such as the recent National Council Conference (NatCon) in Las Vegas, NV and the American Association of Suicidology (AAS) 49th Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.

ProtoPeeps at NatCon16

Two rare moments in which ProtoPeeps actually left the conference hotel!

ProtoPeeps AAS

What we find when we get out of the office, though, is that our team is so much bigger than just those of us who are in our three call centers.

In 2015, we met Kevin Hines, a Golden Gate Bridge jump survivor who has made suicide prevention his life’s work. He’s now producing a documentary,Suicide: The Ripple Effect“, of which ProtoCall is an Executive Producer. Kevin has joined forces with some folks in Australia who, while doing their own work toward suicide prevention, created a collaboration to share resources and band together. Team Ripple Australia is a diverse group that includes a sister, an Aboriginal rugby player, a husband, an Oscar winner, and a pair of friends. Each has their own story of the effects of suicide, but by coming together as a team, their collective story is stronger than the individual ones.

Kevin brought members of Team Ripple Australia to NatCon16 and AAS16 where we were all introduced, became fast friends, and spent hours talking about how one could help the other. This energy spread and before the end of each conference, those conversations brought even more people, ideas, and creativity to the team. Even the people who got free hugs at NatCon have become part of something bigger than themselves!


We at ProtoCall will always do the work of our Mission statement, but we are excited of the success we have when we expand our team to include everyone around us.