Care Pathways

Telephonic counseling services coupled with innovative behavioral health solutions to further extend and unify the continuum of care



An acquisition to extend the continuum of care for students 

ProtoCall Services is proud and excited to announce its acquisition of WellTrack, a leading application-based provider of therapeutic tools for college and university students across the US and Canada.

The WellTrack application has a full suite of CBT resources and assessments. A growing body of evidence points to the effectiveness of digitally-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in the treatment and management of various psychiatric disorders such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, addiction and substance use disorders, adjustment disorder, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Coupled with the ability to contact a licensed counselor at the push of a button within the app, ProtoCall + WellTrack extends the continuum of care across a greater swath of mental health needs. Click here to learn more about WellTrack’s tools. 

To have ProtoCall provide your students with referrals to the WellTrack app, please contact your Relationship Manager directly by phone or email. We’ll add WellTrack information and links to your existing procedure set. If you’re not currently a ProtoCall customer, email us at to get started.




An integrated partnership to address the challenges facing students today 

In 2019, ProtoCall fielded more than 35,000 calls from students wishing to speak with a counselor, citing feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness. Now more than ever students need a safe space to seek – and provide – support with their peers. ProtoCall is excited to announce a partnership that integrates the professional telephonic support that your students currently get from ProtoCall with BWW, an integrated, 24/7, clinically-monitored, digital peer-to-peer support community. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in London, UK, BWW has grown into an international social impact organization with thousands of new members registering each month.
How will the service work? When your campus signs up for BWW, students can access a global community of supportive peers in a clinically-monitored and safe online environment. And because the BWW community is always clinically monitored, students presenting with elevated risk to health or safety will be directly transferred to a counselor at ProtoCall. In addition to a crisis escalation pathway, the BWW partnership includes an expansive resource library to increase coping skills and self-evaluate mental health using validated clinical assessments. Click here to learn more about BWW.
ProtoCall and BWW are currently offering discounted pricing to customers who implement in the coming months. Interested campuses should contact their Relationship Manager directly by phone or email, or contact us at for information on how to get started.
Please note that BWW is currently in the process of changing their name to better reflect their service and values. We are planning for integrated services to be rolled out under the new name.

Want to see more about how ProtoCall and BWW can help your students? Register your contact info below and you’ll be sent a packet of materials from the live webinar we hosted together!



End-to-end mental health care services

ProtoCall now offers its college and university partners end-to-end mental health care services through The Shrink Space, an off-campus referral service for universities and their students. When your campus signs up for TSS, your staff and students can access their national provider database, send customized referrals, track students’ referral progress, and gain utilization data. For an overview of their service features, watch this brief video

If you would like ProtoCall to provide your students with referrals using The Shrink Space database, please contact your Relationship Manager directly by phone or email. We’ll add The Shrink Space information and links to your existing procedure set.

To sign up, please contact them directly at