Where To From Here?

A message regarding the 2016 Election results
by Phil Evans, President & CEO

The months that led up to the election seemed torturous for so many, and the results were always going to be hard for a tremendous number of people no matter where they landed. Because this election became about the very sense of identity and belonging for so many on one side or the other, the stakes were higher than what a single election ever should have been.

But here we are. Together. Many of us are personally impacted, anxious and upset ourselves. We know that many of our callers are, too.  No matter where this election was going to end up, we were going to be called upon to offer comfort; to help people reject anger and despair, and to find hope, belonging, and optimism in its place; to focus on what we can control to make a difference for ourselves and those around us.  In essence, this is what we do at ProtoCall everyday. We are masters at helping others find comfort and belonging in a world that may feel uncertain and inaccessible to them and doing this work when it may seem extra hard to do so. The work we do each day heals, shapes the world into more of what we want it to be.

It is important to acknowledge that this election has been an emerging crisis of identity for many people, including many of us who are showing up to do this work, anxious and uncertain. And we’re fortunate that we are also masters at taking care of each other, too.

For me, I’m holding close to the people, purpose and values I hold dear, and reminding myself that, no matter how the politics of the next presidency actually play out, we can still make our OWN choices everyday about how we treat others and we can choose to never stop pursuing a better world.  We control the things we can control; making those everyday choices wisely, leaning in with grace, generosity and love.