[Editor’s Note:  The Shorthorn (University of Texas – Arlington) has partnered with ProtoCall to offer “after-hours counseling to students who need help right away”]

UTA now has a crisis hotline.

MavTalk is a phone line offering after-hours counseling to students who need help right away, said Wanda Mercer, UT System’s associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs.

Students who are battling depression, feeling suicidal or going through a crisis are encouraged to call MavTalk at any point of the day, Mercer said.

A counselor will assess the situation and try to stabilize the student by talking and using counseling methods, she said.

Depending on the situation, the phone counselor can refer the student for an appointment with Counseling and Psychological Services or call local emergency services to assess emergency situations, she said. The counselors are prepared to intervene to ensure students’ safety, Mercer said.

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