ProtoCall+ delivers a wide spectrum of Stepped Care options designed to help people access the right care, when and how they need it most. These offerings integrate with our telephonic services to improve the experience for callers by providing them with a spectrum of options and tools to use that supplement of the services they receive from you.


Through the combination of ProtoCall’s self-help app, WellTrack, and The Shrink Space, a national network of counselors, along with Togetherall, an online peer-to-peer community, we enable a flexible and nimble way for  organizations to best manage their resources and  triage care.


Our offerings may be added to your existing ProtoCall contract or for new customers, ProtoCall+ streamlines the contracting process by including the selected services to your contract with ProtoCall.









WellTrack is a streamlined digital platform that uses innovative, interactive CBT and self-help therapeutic tools for college and university students. WellTrack provides a wide-range of self-help courses for stress, anxiety, depression and substance use. The content is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and is accessible 24/7 through desktop and mobile browsers, tablets, and smartphones. The data in WellTrack is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Callers using the WellTrack app may either dial the Center’s number for afterhours access or they can simply push a button on the app to connect with ProtoCall. During a call, ProtoCall call takers will also refer callers to the app’s resources and answer questions about use. ProtoCall will provide a monthly report to the Center with the number of callers who access afterhours telephonic support from the WellTrack app versus those who dialed the Center’s number directly.


During the implementation of WellTrack, a Customer Relationship Manager will manage setting up your customized WellTrack access, schedule and conduct your training, create your customized marketing kit and plan, and launch WellTrack both within the Center and community-wide. The marketing kit includes best practices to launch and implement WellTrack, as well as suggested content to use when talking about WellTrack in different communication mediums, such as websites, newsletters and social media.

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The Shrink Space is a referral management software service with a nationwide database of over 5,000 licensed behavioral health providers. Our HIPAA and VPAT-compliant platform ensures continuity of care by managing the referral life cycle, transforming a pen and paper process into a dynamic collaboration between Center, student, and off-campus provider.

Centers can email students customized referral lists, contact community providers, track referrals and access campus utilization data. Students can use our search algorithm to locate a provider that best fits their needs (availability, provider identities, insurance), securely message providers, and keep their Center up to date on their referral status.  

The Shrink Space service can be implemented as a stand-alone service or as part of the larger ProtoCall+ suite of services. ProtoCall+ offers a thoughtful integration and end-to-end solution for your student’s mental health care. When clinically appropriate, ProtoCall professionals can provide The Shrink Space referrals to students. And WellTrack users looking for a higher level of care can directly access The Shrink Space database and resources.

The Shrink Space integration is simple. Once activated, The Shrink Space software is immediately available to your Center, students, and community providers.

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Connecting with someone with shared experiences can be a powerful tool to better mental health. Togetherall creates a safe haven for peer-to-peer support where students can share their emotions and experiences with others who have the same lived experiences, overseen by clinically certified professionals. Through our partnership with Togetherall, when care needs escalate for a student on a partnered campus, students are instantly connected with ProtoCall to enable swift voice-to-voice intervention. Higher education institutions can rest easy knowing that students can access the support they need online, and crisis situations can be rapidly resolved.

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