ProtoCall+ improves the experience for callers by integrating our telephonic services with a spectrum of options and tools that supplement the services they receive from you. Each product is individually valuable but they’re more powerful together. What’s more: you save substantial time and resources by seamlessly adding these services to your ProtoCall contract.

ProtoCall Call Taker

24/7/365 access to highly trained professionals is a cornerstone of any behavioral health system of care. Our team of clinicians provide emotional support, conduct assessments, and determine what’s needed for immediate intervention and stabilization. And in situations where your caller would benefit from self-help digital tools, we inform them of the resources available to them, like WellTrack, The Shrink Space, and Togetherall. All of this work takes place within a supervised, secure, and professionally structured environment.

Our WellTrack app helps higher education institutions expand the reach of their counseling centers by making cognitive behavioral health resources accessible to all students in an easy-to-use, customizable mobile app. WellTrack is a gateway to better on-campus mental health that is designed and founded in the student experience. Its self-help capabilities for those experiencing depression, stress, or anxiety enable counseling centers to focus their energies on critical care and one-on-one therapy. And when needed, clinical intervention is only one click away through the app’s touch-to-call integration with ProtoCall’s call center service. Through anywhere, anytime access to mental health assessments and tools, WellTrack removes the stigma associated with seeking care and puts resources in students’ hands faster.

The Shrink Space is our referral management software service with an international database of more than 7,000 licensed behavioral health providers. This HIPAA- and VPAT-compliant platform provides continuity of care by managing the referral lifecycle, transforming a pen and paper process into a dynamic collaboration between center, student, and off-campus provider. When clinically appropriate, ProtoCall’s call takers provide customized referrals to students, and WellTrack users looking for a higher level of care can directly access The Shrink Space database and resources. The Shrink Space integration is simple: once activated, The Shrink Space software is immediately available to your center, students, and community providers.

Connecting with someone with shared experiences can be a powerful tool to better mental health. ProtoCall+ partner Togetherall creates a safe environment for online peer-to-peer support where students can share their emotions and experiences with others who share similar experiences. This peer-to-peer support is overseen by clinically certified professionals. Through our partnership with Togetherall, when student support needs escalation on a partnered campus, students are instantly connected with ProtoCall to enable swift voice-to-voice intervention. Higher education institutions can trust that their students have access to the support they need online, and crisis situations can be rapidly resolved.


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