ProtoCall has provided support services to campus counseling centers for over 15 years.

In line with our mission of increasing access to behavioral health care, we’ve expanded our clinical offerings integrating best-in-class digital behavioral health platforms, all backed up by our trusted call center.

Keep reading to learn how our unique integrated clinical model can help your campus.




+ Behavioral Health Crisis Intervention – Call Center

+ eCBT & Self-Help Tools – WellTrack

+ Global Referral Network – The Shrink Space

+ Online Peer Community – Togetherall



What to Expect

Premium Platforms

We’ve vetted and united the best in class behavioral health solutions, so you don’t have to!

Integrated Platforms

Integration points between all ProtoCall+ solutions preventing students from falling through the cracks.

24/7 Clinical Care

At the heart of our work, we remain committed to providing high quality 24/7/365 crisis intervention.

Single Contract

With just one contract across all platforms, we simplify your procurement process.

Scalable Solutions

We meet you where you are. Adding solutions that best address your unique campus and students’ needs.

Engagement Data

Receive powerful data insights giving your campus transparency on usage.


About Our Solutions


ProtoCall+ uses a stepped care approach, offering care across a range of clinical needs. Our strategic partnership with Togetherall, a peer online community, serves as a key piece of supporting schools across the continuum of behavioral health care.



Behavioral Health Call Center


Round the clock access to highly trained professionals is a cornerstone of any behavioral health system of care. Our team of clinicians provide emotional support, conduct assessments, and determine what’s needed for immediate intervention and stabilization.

In situations where your caller would benefit from additional resources we connect them with our digital self-help tools, refer them to an ongoing clinician, or support them in accessing peer support. All of this work takes place within a supervised, secure, and professionally structured environment.






e-CBT & Self-Help App


Our digital self-help platform app, WellTrack, expands the mental health reach of colleges by making cognitive behavioral health resources accessible to students in an easy-to-use, customizable mobile app.

The app is a gateway to better on-campus mental health that is designed and founded in the student experience. Its self-help capabilities for those experiencing depression, stress, or anxiety enable counseling centers to focus their energies on critical care and one-on-one therapy. And when needed, clinical intervention is only one click away through the app’s touch-to-call integration with our call center service and global provider network.

Anywhere, anytime access to mental health assessments and tools that remove the stigma associated with seeking care and puts resources in students’ hands faster.






Referral Management Software


Our referral management software service, The Shrink Space, supports universities and students by connecting them to quality behavioral health care focused on the needs of emerging adults. Your campus staff and students have access to our global network network of more than 11,000 licensed behavioral health providers.

Our referral management components reduce administrative time and provide continuity of care by managing the full referral lifecycle, transforming a pen and paper process into a dynamic collaboration between center, student, and off-campus provider.

When partnered with our Call Center, our clinicians can facilitate customized referrals to your students. When partnered with our e-CBT & Self-Help App and Online Peer Community, students can access additional mental health support tailored to their specific needs.






Online Peer Community


Through our exclusive partnership with Togetherall we provide an online peer community via a safe and clinically moderated environment. Connecting with someone with shared experiences can be a powerful tool to better mental health. Students can anonymously share their emotions and experiences with others who share similar feelings.

The community is overseen by Wall Guides, clinically certified professionals.

When a student in the community needs additional support, wall guides can direct a student to our digital self-help app or global referral network. In more urgent situations, the Wall Guide can escalate the student and immediately connect them to our behavioral call center clinicians. This swift voice-to-voice intervention helps higher education institutions trust that their students have access to the support they need online and in crisis situations.



What Colleges are Saying

ProtoCall+ platforms proudly support over 400 colleges and universities across North America, including minority-serving, 2- and 4-year, public, and private institutions.


The ProtoCall+ one-stop shop is like music to my ears.

Dr. Aaron Barnes
Associate Director
University of Arizona Counseling and Psychological Services


Since I used ProtoCall at all the other schools I worked at, I knew I could expect high quality clinical care, the flexibility to customize the service to Tulane’s specific needs, and a strong partner when it came to augmenting our on-campus services.


Dr. Lilian Odera
Tulane University, Counseling Center


I found that the services provided by WellTrack can be a positive reinforcement towards mental health challenges. The Wellness assessment is a great tool for those who look to understand their mental well-being.


Shavneel Nand
UC Santa Cruz


It gives me great comfort to find a product with mechanisms that empower students to be advocates for their mental health (regarding ProtoCall+ services).


Dr. Evanda Watts-Martinez
Richard Bland College of Williams & Mary, Counseling Services


Finding and reaching out to an off-campus behavioral health provider can feel daunting but is a critical step on the path to independence for any young adult. The Shrink Space provider network offers exactly the right amount of support for college students to feel successful in their search. When we follow up with students, they are consistently more confident in their ability to meet their own needs after having used the platform.

 Dr. Paris Schaefer
Staff Psychologist
University of Portland, Counseling Center


The Shrink Space is so much more than a referral tool. It’s an amazing service with psychoeduational learning opportunities embedded through and through. It changed this last year for me, I don’t know where I’d be without it!


Meg Kroeplin, LICSW
Clinical Case Manager
Amherst College, Counseling Center


We were looking to be more efficient and effective in our behavioral health resources, our goal with procuring ProtoCall+ was to make an abundance of mental health resources available at a campus wide level, not just at the counseling center.


Dr. Lillian Odera
Tulane University, Counseling Center


I loved learning everything you shared about ProtoCall+, and then when I heard about the self-assessments for WellTrack, I was sold. Students love interactive and immediate feedback, and WellTrack does just that.


Dr. Evanda Watts-Martinez
Richard Bland College of Williams & Mary, Counseling Services


Hiring ProtoCall was among the best decisions I made as a Director!


University Counseling Center Director

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