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ProtoCall Services, Inc., is the nation’s leading provider for specialty telephonic behavioral health services. Since 1992, over 450 behavioral health organizations have trusted us to provide seamless access to crisis assessment, intervention, and stabilization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Read More

ProtoCall+ Integrated Solutions


ProtoCall has acquired WellTrack and its streamlined digital platform, which uses innovative, interactive CBT and self-help therapeutic tools to help busy students stay more emotionally and mentally healthy. Read more…

Employees of ProtoCall Confer on a case.


See how ProtoCall is partnering with Togetherall (formerly BWW), a global community of college and university students, to integrate professional telephonic counseling support with a 24/7, clinically-monitored, digital peer-to-peer support community. Read more…

The Shrink Space

We’ve joined forces with The Shrink Space to provide counseling centers and students with access to a diverse, powerful national network of over 5,000 licensed professionals for acute crisis or ongoing mental health care. Read more…

Suicide: The Ripple Effect

Over one million people worldwide die by suicide each year and the negative ripple effect devastates millions more. We at ProtoCall know this all too well and have committed ourselves to improving access and support for those in need of behavioral health support. ProtoCall is proud to be an Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary film, “Suicide: The Ripple Effect,” by Kevin Hines and Emmy award-winning director, Greg Dicharry. The Ripple Effect is more than just a movie – it is a movement that speaks to the importance of what we do here at ProtoCall Services.

Here’s what people are saying about ProtoCall

From Our Customers

“This is a partnership based on the shared commitment of providing the highest levels of service to our customers. We have full confidence in ProtoCall’s abilities, and the greatest respect for their integrity.”

From Our Callers

“I appreciated being able to talk and feel supported. I’m really touched by the kindness you show. By the way, I’m not anxious anymore.”

Employees of ProtoCall Confer on a case.

From Our Staff

“Never underestimate the potential you have to save a life or dramatically improve it every minute you are [on a call], interacting with the people served, and one another. Very few places beyond ProtoCall can offer that.”


ProtoCall’s Response to COVID-19:

ProtoCall is operating 100% remotely and we are proud to have been able to make this transition without any disruption to our services. We continue to closely monitor changes in call volume, disruptions in emergency services access, and other impacts of this unprecedented situation.
Any customer organization experiencing their own disruption or change in operations are asked to keep their Relationship Manager informed so our staff have up to date information about how to support your callers.
If your organization is not a current partner of ours and is facing challenges with telephonic behavioral health access during this time you can connect with us about services at