Our Commitment to Privacy and Security


The need to keep personal data private and secure has never been more critical. We know it’s on your mind, and it’s on our minds, too. So much so that we’ve spent years investing in technologies and adopting practices to keep your data safe and sound.


All of our products are certified as HIPAA-compliant by the HITRUST Alliance. In addition, we have held our HITRUST CSF Certification status since 2018. This measure guarantees that all of our systems that store, transmit, and provide access to Protected Health Information meet, if not exceed, HIPAA requirements.


All of our products are certified compliant with the MARS-E 2.0 security framework, a Center for Medicaid Services requirement for data exchange between organizations.


Our products are also certified compliant with GDPR and CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) through our IDMap (Identify mapping) certification. So, in addition to data classified by HIPAA as Protected Health Information, we also ensure any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is kept private and secure.


Holding these externally validated certifications demands continuous attention and resources. Welltrack remains committed to keeping data private and secure and providing our customers with evidence of our due diligence through our credentialing processes.