Referral Management Network Expansion

August 7, 2023


Protocall’s Global Provider Network is a referral management software service that supports institutions and organizations in connecting to a high quality network of community behavioral health therapists, prescribers, and treatment centers. In less than three years, network founder Dr. Aarti Khullar has developed a high-quality robust clinical network with over 10,000 licensed behavioral health providers, group practices, and higher-level treatment facilities across the US, Canada, and the UK.

The referral network maintains a dynamic, searchable database connecting students to quality providers focused on the unique needs of emerging adults. Rather than drawing providers from static, outdated, and subcontracted networks, Protocall’s network uniquely curates, verifies the licensure status, and continuously engages their community providers. In addition, providers express a specific interest to be included, actively managing and maintaining up-to-date profiles.

Dr Khullar shares that an engaged, dedicated, and robust network of community providers is essential to reducing barriers to mental health care such as provider availability, affordability, and therapeutic fit.

With frequent and inevitable practice changes, institutions no longer need to maintain pen-and-paper community provider lists. “The network has such easy-to-use search tools and filters for students to find exactly the provider who is right for them. Even more valuable, providers create their profile and are regularly prompted to update their practice information, including availability and the insurers they accept. Compared with so many third-party ghost networks, the accuracy of information on Protocall’s network is far higher,” says one Senior Clinical Case Manager at a small private higher education institution.

Protocall’s Global Referral Network lives within ProtoCall+ (now Welltrack), an ecosystem of integrated behavioral health solutions. Protocall+ supports organizations across the wellness and behavioral health spectrum, by integrating an eCBT and self help app, a digital peer community, a global referral network, and a 24/7 clinical call center. ProtoCall+ is free to students.


About ProtoCall Services

For 30 years, Protocall Services has provided 24/7 telephonic crisis intervention support for universities, colleges, community health organizations and employer benefits providers. In 2020, Protocall expanded its service offerings to include a digital self-help platform and a global referral management service.
Protocall’s deep clinical experience and its ability to provide seamless services across the mental health spectrum for customers and clients have made it a nationally trusted partner for ensuring access to behavioral health services. Contact Rachel Williams at

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