Protocall What We Do

What we do: help when it’s needed most.

ProtoCall supports all types of behavioral health organizations and systems of care, ensuring continuous access to their services, offering help when it’s needed most twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our services are seamless and customized to your organization so your callers receive a consistent message and quality of care regardless of when they call. Our coverage models are flexible and scalable to meet your organization’s needs as they grow and change over time. We have plans that can work for organizations with just a few calls per month to those systems of care with thousands of calls per month.

We accomplish this level of customization through our proprietary software platform which is designed to match the needs of each of our customer’s unique systems of care. Detailed call documentation for all calls is provided through a secure, HITRUST Certified and HIPAA-compliant platform. From off-hours coverage and 24/7 availability, to business continuity planning, ProtoCall is here, when help is called for!

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

  • Telephonic Access. Our Masters- and Bachelor-level professionals respond to your callers anytime to provide immediate support, crisis intervention and stabilization
  • Customizable and Seamless Call Handling.  We’re not an answering service. We are an extension of your team when we serve one of your callers. We’re here to serve your consumers on your behalf.
  • Intake and Referral. We can provide referrals to your network providers, facilities, and other local resources.
  • Inpatient Pre-Authorization and Hospital Diversion. We assess the medical necessity for hospital admission requests and refer to lesser restrictive services within your system of care.
  • Outbound Support and follow-up calls. We can enhance your care management with the ability to schedule support and follow-up, post discharge, and other types of outreach.
  • Linkage to your team. Whether it’s in-the-moment outreach by our staff or through the call records we provide, we keep you connected to your clients’ needs.
  • Data Integration. We reduce the cost of outsourcing by enabling integration of our call data into your Electronic Health Record system.
  • Reporting. We understand the power of data to improve services and understand utilization. Our customers are provided detailed reports from both our telephone and call handling systems.
  • Coverage types. We know it can be challenging to hold internal meetings when you always need to be available. Let us help you by covering for you during staff meetings, trainings, or even during unforeseen disruptions from events such as outages and inclement weather. No matter the circumstance, our team will have your back!
Benefits of Our Solutions

Benefits of Our Solutions

  • Better Risk Management. An immediate answer by a highly trained professional dramatically improves care coordination, especially in high risk crisis situations. Our team of clinicians collaborate in real time to ensure effective coordination with emergency services in life-threatening situations. And all of this work takes place within a supervised, secure, and professionally structured environment. You’ll sleep well knowing that we’re on the call!
  • Continuity of Care. Through our web-based Client Alert system, our customers are able to provide ProtoCall specific, call-handling, crisis plans, and background information about any client. That information is immediately available to our counselor in real time should that client call.
  • Accessibility to your team. ProtoCall designs call handling and documentation processes to meet the needs of each individual customer. Sometimes, this includes contacting our customers to consult in certain situations. Because every organization is different, our customers help define when they want to be notified of particular situations.
  • Improved Business Continuity. All ProtoCall customers have the benefit of knowing that our high-availability Business Continuity Services are there to ensure that their services are always available. ProtoCall provides a variety of coverage options, such as covering for scheduled meetings, and emergency coverage for inclement weather, power outages, or other local crises that can interrupt an organizations’s ability to operate. Let us help you make sure your callers always get the help they need, when they need it most.
  • “Business-to-Business Relations” Our focus is on Customer Satisfaction. And we know that we have two customers in every situation; our caller, and the organization they called, so we make contacting us just as easy for our organizational customer. A Relationship Manager works closely with each customer during implementation and serves as an ongoing liaison to respond to questions, concerns, changes to information, etc. Our team of Relationship Managers helps ensure that someone is always covering and available. Our 24-hour help desk is answered by our Shift Clinical Supervisors at all other hours, ensuring that a knowledgeable professional is always available to our customers for any need or concern.

ProtoCall will be able to provide you much flexibility in structuring specific procedures to follow for each of the different after-hours crisis teams you may have.

We’ve been particularly happy with their seamless coordination with our mobile crisis and ACT teams…..